The Status Quo

The state of regulated medical waste (RMW) disposal is expensive and unsustainable


More expensive than standard waste


Spent on medical waste disposal annually


Approximate number of RMW incinerators nationally


Satisfactory volume reduction or disposal methods

About Us

MST is the pioneer of a new form of molten salt oxidation. This new technology serves as the perfect form of waste volume reduction for medical waste. We are looking to provide this technology to the world

Our Mission

MST seeks to develop molten salt based hazardous waste remediation technologies; providing hospitals and other hazardous waste generators with a safe, on site alternative to the costs, dangers, and inefficiencies of incineration. Technologies which transform dangerous chemicals into their most basic elements. Technologies to clean the world.

Our Plan

We believe that the most critical step to our success is letting hospitals regain control of their waste stream via a shredder equivalent for RMW. This MSO powered alternative, which would be hundreds of times more powerful than any shredder, would allow hospitals to vastly reduce their medical waste volume, and would eventually serve as sterilization as well.

Our Vision

Through our success, medical waste shipping and incineration will become things of the past. Hospitals will control their waste streams themselves, and will be able to sterilize and process medical waste on site. All of this will be done in a safer, greener fashion.


MST uses molten salt oxidation to destroy medical waste quickly and efficiently. Through the use of a superoxide, our oxidizers can safely and cleanly break down any form of waste.

Cleaner Products

While incineration of medical waste produces toxic compounds, molten salt oxidation only yields Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and water vapor.

Safe Storage

After waste volume has been reduced with molten salt oxidation, the remaining waste is stored as a salt that can't putrify or cause damage.

Single Waste Stream

Incineration produces toxic gas and toxic ash, turning one problem into two. Molten salt oxidation produces breathable gas and much safer solids.

On Site

Shredders throw up hazardous particulate, and incinerators emit harmful gasses. MSO, on the other hand, is safe to operate at a hospital.

Waste Stream Flexible

MSO can handle everything from sharps to chemotherapeutic waste, and even radioactive material. It is far more flexible than incinerators could ever be.

Low Cost Operation

MSO requires only electricity and atmospheric air in order to operate, making it equivalent to trash compactors and far less expensive than incinerators.

Join us in cleaning up medical waste

Are you feeling the burn to end the burning? Contact us to learn about how you can help us bring our green technology to fruition.

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Our team is ready to make MSO a reality for the world

Eric Frank

Executive Officer

Eric Frank is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in computer science and with a minor in engineering entrepreneurship. He has 3 patents pending, one of which is from MST and two of which are from Eric's time as an intern on the Advanced Development team at Sonos. Since the start of MST, Eric has been working with both hospitals and regulating agencies to make MST's vision a reality.

Jerry Frank

Technical Officer

With 9 patents and more than 25 years of experience in R&D engineering, Jerry represents the technical leadership that MST posessess. Jerry has engineering experience in disciplines ranging from pulse power engineering to chemical, allowing him to oversee the variety of engineering tasks involved in building up our technology. He also has the distinction of being the first to develop a molten salt oxidizer using our target chemistry in the United States.

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